It’s fine to criticize writers. Everyone had their issues and I certainly haven’t come across a show with flawless writing. However, whenever someone says that Steven Moffat is a terrible writer/show runner, I think I’m going to start replying with links to all of his awards and nominations…

And all the full quotes of those they used to try and prove their point. And all the fake ones invented as well.

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worst thing about being a film maker: when u finish a film, and you have to come up with a new project and u have 0 ideas

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Q: i'm a christian and people used to make fun of me for how religious i was but nobody gets outraged about that. so why is it such a big deal if someone makes a joke about a different religion?


If you’re a Christian living in the western world, everything is catered to you. Your days off of school and work always have and always will coincide with your holidays. The government is mostly made up of people of your religion. School curriculum ingrains that your religion, or at least a secularized version of it (depending on the area) is the norm. Nobody has been persecuted for practicing your religion since the days of the Roman Empire. You dominate the media and culture in every way. You’ve never been racialized as nonwhite solely because of your religion. You’ve never been marginalized because of your religion. You’ve never experienced institutionalized discrimination because of your religion. You’ve never been the target of racism because of the juncture between your religion and your skin color. So yeah, it sucks if someone makes fun of you, but it does not do anything to subjugate or oppress you. I assume this is about the joke about One Direction, and honestly probably if you’re not Muslim, and especially if you are a Christian westerner, your opinion doesn’t matter at all. 

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